Mallory Chapman



Mallory is the Founder and CEO of Studio Revolution Fitness in Calgary Alberta and Inspirational Speaker. She represents the unconventional side of life and is a true adventurist at heart.

A fearless leader, Mallory is known as a pioneer in her industry and community. Opening the first fitness studio in all of Alberta to launch the new SURFSET workout method she has inspired over 7000 men and women to love exercise again. She inspires people to see the joy in movement again through experiencing new methods of fitness and embracing the fear of the unknown.

Before 2008 when Mallory entered the fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Mallory had six years of combined experience as a counselor in the justice system and corporate Leadership Development. With her diverse background in counseling, leadership and personal development, personal and group fitness training she has a clear passion and devotion in her life to helping others.

“Being able to spend a day, a weekend or a month truly transforming the way women and men see and think about fitness in our wellness retreats is life changing. I am so honoured and privileged to be a part of their journey”.

A surfer, world traveler, business owner, community builder, Lululemon and adidas ambassador Mallory keeps her cup full in life.

A word from Mallory

“Sometimes the thing that scares you the most is actually what sets you
free. Be bold, be adventurous, be fearless”

Mallory Chapman

Fitness Expert & Motivational Speaker

"Reboot Camp was fantastic.  I learned a great deal, met a very diversified group of women who all had one thing for sure in common - the desire to better themselves in any way.  You have me the urge to strive and the desire to succeed.  I learned that even at my age "I could do IT!”  The retreat empowered me to take control.  It was great and I will certainly see you again this year."

Debbie Faul2014 Baker Creek Retreat

"My experience at the reboot retreat was amazing!  It was amazing from the location, the people leading/attending the retreat, the food and all of the powerful learning from the entire weekend.  It was a great experience to reboot in a way unique to you.  I also LOVED the journal/handbook and blanket that we were given to us each.  I often flip through it to give myself gentle reminders.”

Amber Hooper2014 Baker Creek Retreat

"Reboot Camp couldn't have come at a better time for me.  Newly separated and feeling a little lost in the world, there was no question about if I was going to attend the weekend retreat or not.  Having worked with Gaynor and Mallory both professionally and personally previous to the retreat, I knew if anyone could help me get back on my feet, these two could.”

Leah Boucher2014 Baker Creek Retreat