Gaynor Levisky



Gaynor is the founder and CEO of Junction 180, a company in Cochrane Alberta dedicated to helping individuals feel better about their lives and body. She loves to go against the grain in this fast paced modern life; she slows down to get things done and unplugs to connect into what is important.

A Master Certified coach, teacher and author, Gaynor is known for designing life-changing programs and speaks to audiences in ways that energize and inspire transformation. She trained with the most respected and well-known life coaches in the industry. In 2006, a trailblazer in the field of life coaching, she became the first certified Martha Beck coach in Canada. With thousands of coaching hours under her belt she hosts retreats, speaking events, and works with organizations across Canada and the United States.

Gaynor began her career in the field of Corporate Learning and Development in 1998. Her corporate leadership experience spans from the financial industry into the Oil, Gas and Energy industry. Her passion for helping individuals with personal and professional growth continues to be the common thread throughout her life and career.

“Everyone deserves to have an amazing life, a healthy body, and a clear mind! I love witnessing the moment individuals believe in themselves enough to go after what they truly want – it is inspirational and I always feel grateful to be a part of their transformation.”

An outdoor adventurist, wife, mother, business owner, town councillor, and entrepreneur Gaynor lives a full but balanced life.

A word from Gaynor

“Life is a series of paths leading to destinations you envision. Inevitability there will be twists you don’t understand or paths you feel lost on. The obstacles you see are in fact your way out and it is during those times when trust in yourself becomes the critical ingredient that allows you to see the breadcrumbs leading you in the right direction.”

Gaynor Levisky

Master Life Coach

"Reboot Camp was fantastic.  I learned a great deal, met a very diversified group of women who all had one thing for sure in common - the desire to better themselves in any way.  You have me the urge to strive and the desire to succeed.  I learned that even at my age "I could do IT!”  The retreat empowered me to take control.  It was great and I will certainly see you again this year."

Debbie Faul2014 Baker Creek Retreat

"My experience at the reboot retreat was amazing!  It was amazing from the location, the people leading/attending the retreat, the food and all of the powerful learning from the entire weekend.  It was a great experience to reboot in a way unique to you.  I also LOVED the journal/handbook and blanket that we were given to us each.  I often flip through it to give myself gentle reminders.”

Amber Hooper2014 Baker Creek Retreat

"Reboot Camp couldn't have come at a better time for me.  Newly separated and feeling a little lost in the world, there was no question about if I was going to attend the weekend retreat or not.  Having worked with Gaynor and Mallory both professionally and personally previous to the retreat, I knew if anyone could help me get back on my feet, these two could.”

Leah Boucher2014 Baker Creek Retreat