Sponsorship Package



We are pleased and excited to introduce to you, REBOOT Wellness Camps, brought to you by Junction 180 and Studio Revolution Fitness.

Reboot Wellness Camps mission is to offer women all over the world the opportunity to reconnect with themselves, revitalize their energy and health, rejuvenate their bodies and most importantly reboot their life in a meaningful long lasting way.

To foster this opportunity, our life coach and fitness experts have joined forces to plan an exciting lineup of REBOOT camps.

The first annual REBOOT camp retreat launched in October 2014. Our team of experts provided an invaluable life changing experience for these women. A total of 14 women ranging from the ages of 28-65 experienced a week- end of life coaching sessions, nutrition sessions and fitness sessions. These women walked away with tangible tools to combat barriers and limitations in their professional and personal life with newfound space for achievement. In 2015, REBOOT hosted the second annual retreat and inspired 21 women, aged 24-65. Each year, REBOOT continues to grow and empower women to make positive lasting changes in their lives.

We look forward to increasing our offerings and our ability to even further impact future women’s lives with your sponsorship. One hundred percent of all REBOOT wellness camps sponsorship funds will go towards the operation of upcoming REBOOT wellness camps. We look forward to your participation!

Sincerely, The Reboot Team.

Your sponsorship will enable REBOOT Wellness Camps to:

-increase the diversity in fitness offerings to compensate a yoga/pilates instructor

-host future Wellness Camps in higher end establishments to attract a higher net worth clientele

-provide workbooks and branded planners to our students as tools they can use after the retreat

-cover the costs of the Life Coach, Pilates/Yoga Instructor and Fitness Professional

-cover the cost of a sponsored guest who may not otherwise afford to attend the retreat

-provide guests with welcome bags loaded with local businesses products

Our REBOOT Wellness Camp Sponsorship options outlines 3 donation levels, gold ($3,500), silver ($1,500), and bronze ($1000). All donations will be recognized on the REBOOT Wellness Camp website with sponsorship logo’s represented on all handouts, manuals and planners. We appreciate all donations and sponsorships that will ultimately contribute to the success of future REBOOT Wellness Camps.

Sponsorship Levels

-receive logo on all printed and online marketing materials on the REBOOT website

-receive logo on all printed and online marketing materials and on the REBOOT website

-your company banner will be displayed at the retreat

-receive logo on all printed and online marketing materials and on REBOOT website

-your company information in each guests welcome bag

-your company banner will be displayed at the retreat

-receive a special discount of 50% off of a single occupancy retreat for one employee of your choice (travel not included)

Thank you for your interest in supporting this years REBOOT Wellness Camp! If you decide that you would like to be a sponsor.  Please fill out this form and send your desired Sponsorship level amount by e-mail money transfer to info@rebootwellnesscamps.com.

If you would prefer to download a PDF of our sponsorship form and pay by cheque. Please click here.